SixSense Black (edited)


“I always felt a strong intuition for things particularly for those close to me… It is a strong instinct, intuition, intuitiveness; clairvoyance, divination that has grown over the years and has journeyed with me all my life…”

¬ Lydia Mae Hendroff, Founder ¬

We developed SIX SENSE to provide our clients solutions – integrated communications solutions.  Our core brand identity is to bring awareness and beyond border ideas to achieve our client’s goals. Driven by a team of creative, smart and sassy brainiacs, the SIX SENSE team are one of a kind!

Our ideas are young, fresh and in tune to current times. We equip ourselves with the latest trends in the market and constantly challenge our minds to be ahead of the competition.  At some point, you will have to tame us down!

Diversified in nature, just let your imagination run wild and leave the rest to us. Our list of services are not limited to what’s written on paper. We customize our services according to client’s needs. Your business has a story and we’re here to help you tell it by creating colourful designs, campaigns and content!

Think of us as your new besties in helping you achieve you goals.

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